Impact Church Central Florida  was founded by Bishop George L. and Pastor April Davis (of Faith Christian Center Church –Jacksonville) on June 1, 2002 while they continued to pastor in Jacksonville. Dedicated members gave their time and energy to serve the growing congregation by traveling weekly to Orlando with Bishop and Pastor Davis. Services were temporarily held on Saturday mornings at 10:00 A.M. in the Northwest Community Center in Orlando. Pastor Damon S. Green served as the Assistant Pastor onsite in Orlando while Bishop Davis commuted and oversaw both churches.

A permanent site was found for the church and on November 15, 2002, the church purchased its building in the Pine Hills community. After extensive renovations, the congregation held its first service on Saturday, December 22, 2002. A special service was held February 28, 2003 at which Bishop Keith A. Butler, founder of Word of Faith International Christian Center, dedicated the facility.

Throughout the years great pastors have established a solid foundation. In February 2010, Bishop Davis and Pastor April installed Pastor David G. Blouin and Minister Paula K. Blouin. God has given them a heart to impact Central Florida for Christ and through their dedication to service, FCC-Orlando continued to move forward. Resurrection Sunday of 2014, the church name changed to Impact Church Central Florida (ICCF)—a name to match its purpose. IMPACT! With a new vision in sight, we are determined to become a “family of friends that passionately loves God” and impacts our community for Christ.