The Outreach Ministry is all about soul-winning. From literature drops to ministering Salvation to those who answer Altar Call on Sundays, the Outreach Team functions as frontline soldiers doing the work to build up the Kingdom of God on earth.

Impact Kidz & Totz
The Impact Kids & Totz Ministry assists in caring for and ministering the Word of God to our children. Age groups range from pre-school through 5th grade, as well as infants and toddlers.

Lifted Youth
The Lifted Youth Ministry assists the Youth Minister with youth services and activities, particularly interacting with youth during ministry of the Word.

The Media Ministry assists in providing proper sound, lighting, CD production, TV, Internet, graphics and marketing for ICCF worship services and business operations.

The Music Ministry provides ministry of the Word in song and live music during worship services and special events.

Impact Groups
The Impact Groups ministry facilitates ministry of the Word in an intimate group format in various areas throughout the Central Florida area. We seek to impact the Central Florida area by creating an environment where people can be build authentic Godly relationships with others who love, accept, support, celebrate their successes and hold them accountable for being all God created them to be.

Worship Arts
The Worship Arts Ministry shares the Gospel through the unique, unconventional platform of the arts – dance, drama and various other art forms.

Parking Lot
The Parking Lot Ministry assists in parking cars and maintaining a smooth flow of traffic before and after worship services and events.

AST-Administrative Support Team
The AST-Administrative Support Ministry carries out administrative functions for the Connections classes, Foundations courses and Leadership Training Center. Additionally, this ministry provides administrative support to the ministry as a whole upon request.

The Bookstore Ministry assists with the sale of ICCF merchandise and events.

The Ushers and Hostesses Ministry is responsible for greeting parishioners and maintaining order in the service which enables the Word of God to go forth unhindered.

Ministers of Defense (MOD)/Security
The MOD Ministry provides security services on the ICCF campus for our family of friends.

Pearls of Grace
The Pearls of Grace Ministry (Matthew 13:45-46), founded by Minister Paula, seeks to create an environment for the women of ICCF where God is free to love, edify, share wisdom, unify, deliver and restore them as He sees fit. It is also a place where women can be free to be themselves and still be accepted, loved and celebrated. Oh, and we have fun too!!!

M46 Men’s Ministry
ICCF has partnered with Freddie Scott and the NFL to bring you the M46 Men’s Ministry. Project M46 exists to turn the hearts of men to become better fathers, husbands, brothers and friends through the use of multi-media engagement resources/tools and hands-on curriculums.

The Events Ministry facilitates and coordinates both internal and external ICCF events.

The Education Ministry exists to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, equip believers for the work of the Ministry, and defend the Christian faith.