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Sick and Tired?

Are you sick and tired, of being sick and tired? If you answered “Yes” to that question. I can relate to where you are–been there, done that.  It is not a “happy” place.  No matter what the situation or circumstance, a rebellious teenager who has gotten on your last nerve.  The demanding boss on the job, or financially just trying to make ends meet.  Frustrations can grab hold of your heart and mind and take you to place that you don’t want to go. You feel like you want to scream, but you can’t. You just want everything and everybody to go away, leave me alone let me have some peace.

I will say this to you – if you could have fixed this situation yourself, it would already be resolved. But you need the help of the Holy Ghost.

Take refuge in this word of instruction from I Peter 5:5-10.  Humble yourselves under God’s care. There is safety and security in submission to God’s authority and His loving kindness. In this passage He continues to tell us to cast or surrender all your cares on Him, because He cares for us.  As any loving father would take a burden from his child, so God our Father will carry the burden for you.

Isaiah 53:4 states that Jesus bore our grief and carried our sorrows.  If you are carrying a grief or sorrow – you are carrying a burden that does not belong to you. So do what the Word says and cast the care of the situation on Him. It may be easy to say, but you beloved, throw the care on Him.  Even if you have to cast the care every minute of every hour – do it until it is at Jesus’ feet. He is strong enough to bear it.

You were not designed to carry a load or burden. Once you follow His lead, the scripture says He will exalt you, establish you through great grace and love for you. Finally, the Word says He will settle you.

In Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus invites those of us who are heavy laden to come to Him and He will give you rest. So beloved, don’t carry a burden but give it to Jesus. He will exchange that heavy load for His yoke. It is easy and His burden is light. He will give you His rest, His peace

Enjoy His grace

Minister Barbara Scales

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